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"Color can be a metaphor for light and the act of painting can be a metaphor for the journey of life."

  • Gouache/Watercolors 
    • New! These small paintings are full of wonderful detail, exciting brushwork and  glowing colors. These are some of my favorite paintings

    • Long Format Watercolors
    • It's amazing how a change of format can effect the design and reflect the subject.


Swamps and Other Wetlands


  • The complete exhibit of Swamp Series: watercolors, acrylics and oils, as well as installation photos


  • YEA!!!!!!

Silver Pee Dee, Oil Painting selected for exhibit in Artfields, Lake City, SC




"When drawing or painting with the model, often, all that I can do is capture the scene with some personal (my skills and interests) vision of fidelity and truth for the scene."




This series is devoted to children, memories, and the victims of 9-11



Still Life




"One year, I set the goal of painting one small flower painting every morning."


Patterns & Designs



Paintings & Drawings


These works were created in the year that I graduated and  found myself without a model or camera.  They are based on: quilt designs, Celtic knots, Medieval manuscript covers, carpets and the works of M C Escher. My goal was to do hard-edge designs using open, loose techniques.




"But in these small animal paintings, I am free from exploring heavy themes and formal discussions."

 The cow has captured my imagination and dominates much of my leisure painting time. WC Cows, above, is a page just for cows.


"Many of the Satyr Paintings are concerned with the anxiety of choosing between freedom and security."









"The healing sunlight turned into acid nights. With these paintings, I was trying to rid myself of this demon that had invaded my studio."










Miniatures     Miniatures    Miniatures 


 Miniatures    Miniatures   Miniatures 


Miniatures     Miniatures    Miniatures 


 Miniatures    Miniatures   Miniatures 


Miniatures     Miniatures    Miniatures 


 Miniatures    Miniatures   Miniatures 





"Small paintings can take as much energy as large ones: scale is about size not  ideas."


"When the act of painting is viewed as a process of redefining goals and manageable tasks, the artist is free from the fear of failure and can find the creative source." 




Papier  Mache' Projects

&  Other  Fun Projects




 "After 9-11 and 'Innocence in Search of Experience',  a painting about that fateful day, I was interested in the fact that my world had changed, but for young children this would be the only world they know."

--New Millenniusm Kids






R. M. Hershberger  was born in Sacramento, California, but has lived in Hampton Roads (Norfolk, Virginia) for more than thirty years





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The asterisk marked items are articles/reviews that are primarily about my art and life. The others, listings and groups exhibitions, are included to round out the information and because of a little vanity.



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  • A collection of links to various websites by artists or about artists. Check out these artists, some are friends and some are nationally known artists that I admire.)










    (An "Open Narrative" Series, using one amazing model by Ray M. Hershberger
      at another website - Click the following link )


    "When her bare foot touched the cool, cleansing water, she transformed from a middle-aged woman into an earth goddess; then a charming countess, next a serious teacher, and finally a playful lost child. The variations were complex, and I immediately knew that she was a subject capable of generating several series of paintings"






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    Still Life


    Thank you for visiting my site. My art is my life.

    Ray M. Hershberger



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